expands Mallorca operations
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LATEST NEWS expands Mallorca operations

Motorboat & Yachting: Boat brokerage from Essex has expanded its operations on Mallorca with a servicing team and new office space. are expanding the Essex-based brokerage’s network and has opened new offices on Mallorca. The new facility in Marina Cala D’Or will be offering brokerage, servicing, technical support and shoreside storage for up to 25 boats.

Managing director Nick Barke has relocated to Mallorca and says: “This is a great opportunity for us to bring our internationally recognised high standards of service to this important centre of boating in the Mediterranean.” also has plans to open a second office in the marina, in partnership with Princess Motor Yacht Sales Charles Keily. already has a strong presence and three charter boats in Mallorca, but this new announcement represents a real statement of intent.

“Many of our UK customers move their boats down to the Balearic Islands to enjoy the great boating and easy access. They can now feel confident that the standards of service they have been used to from here in the UK can now be enjoyed in their Mediterranean cruising waters,” said Nick Barke on responding to the ongoing trend.

Founded in as Essex Boatyards in 1980s, until the brokerage firm changed its company name to in December 2014. They also switched its new boats partnership from Fairline to Princess Yachts in April 2015.

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