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Sailboat Insurance

Velos is a boat insurance broker which includes sailboat insurance for larger and smaller sailing boats and sailing yachts. We have been providing sailing insurance policies for 20+ years.

Your sailing boat is in safe hands with our customised and bespoke insurance policies which include theft and third-party sailing liability, as well as accidental damage and salvage charges.

You’ll have full, personalised cover for your sail boat with Velos. Get a quote today for complete peace of mind. Learn more about our policies below:

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Our sail boat insurance policies aren’t listed on any price comparison site, as we create coverage that is tailor-made to each customer’s requirements and their individual sailing yachts, dinghies and boats.

As such our sailing boat insurance policy is a fully comprehensive, all risks product, based on an agreed value which is shown on the policy paperwork, so if your sailboat is lost, this is what you will get back for your vessel.

The policy covers you for, amongst other things, theft, accidental damage and Salvage charges.

It also includes, as standard, Third Party Sailing Liability up to GBP 5m and Legal Expenses.

Highlights of the Velos sailing insurance cover policy are as follows;

  • Agreed Value, All Risks policy
  • GBP 5m Third Party Liability cover limit as standard
  • GBP 100,000 Legal Expenses cover included for free
  • Up to 25% NCB for 5 years claims free, after which protected at no additional cost
  • Up to GBP 20,000 worth of Personal Accident cover included, as standard
  • Up to GBP 5,000 worth of Medical Expenses cover included as standard
  • Cover available for a variety of cruising ranges in the UK, Europe and further afield.
  • If you have a claim in a marina, either ashore or afloat, we waive the deductible and you don’t lose your NCB, even if it’s not protected

We’ve been in boat insurance for 20+ years and as such have relationships with most of the sailing insurers in the UK and global providers on the market.

So, if our sail boat policies aren’t suitable for you for whatever reason, we’ll be able to source an alternative boat insurance quote from another insurer so you don’t have to scour the entire market. We’ll do it for you.

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You can contact our claims team By Telephone: 020 7929 4058 from the UK or +44 20 7929 4058 from abroad.

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Sailboat Insurance

Frequently asked questions

It couldn’t be easier: use the claims section of our website and follow the instructions there. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us directly and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Get in touch by email or phone and we will make the requested changes to your marine trade insurance policy.

Absolutely. Please call tel: +44 (0)20 7929 4058 and select option 1. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:300 UK time.

No: you should use your usual service providers. If needed, insurers will appoint a marine surveyor to inspect and report on the incident.

Irrespective of which policy you select there are always some exclusion to cover. these would normally be as follows;

  • Loss, damage, liability or expense intentionally caused by or consented to by you or arising from unseaworthiness resulting by you
  • Cost of repairing any defect from a prior repair, alteration or maintenance work
  • Design or construction fault
  • Loss and damage caused by wear and tear and lack of reasonable maintenance
  • Loss and damage caused by insect, vermin, damp and marine life
  • Theft of insured gear and equipment unless it follows violent forcible entry into your vessel or place of storage
  • Theft of insured personal effects unless it follows violent forcible entry into the vessel or vehicle while in transit
  • Theft of your outboard motor unless it is secured to your vessel by an appropriate anti-theft device in addition to its normal method of attachment or violent forcible entry into the vessel or place of storage
  • Theft or loss of boats, such as dinghies or tenders, not permanently marked with the name of the parent vessel

Yes, as standard, all comprehensive cover includes third party insurance. Even a basic boat insurance policy will generally include third party insurance as standard.

When getting you boat insurance quotes, we’ll let you know if this isn’t the case or if you have any doubts about the exclusions of your marine insurance or boat cover, you can contact us easily for confirmation.

The vast majority do not, especially if you’re using your own boat on the water i.e. in inland waterways or international waters, but double check your policy wording.

No, they generally don’t insure and cover your boat unless you’ve added optional extras which include your boat or yacht.

Again, it’s best to check your insurance company and their policy wording to see if you’re covered or contact us for advice.

Yes, we’re a broker who isn’t on any boat insurance comparison sites, but we’ll find you the most appropriate boat insurance specialists and boat insurance policies for your needs and make sure your boat insurance cost is the best value for money you can find.

We compare boat insurance quotes and provide very competitive premiums and access to a range of insurance quotes you might not find on comparison sites to protect your boat or craft.

With that comes our specialist knowledge and personalised experience – we’re boating enthusiasts just like you.

Patient and Helpful

” The team was super helpful and patient with me, even though I had a million questions. They really took the time to understand my needs and tailor the coverage accordingly. “

– Lyle Jenson
Exceptional boat insurance

” Velos Insurance is an exceptional boat insurance service that provides comprehensive coverage for boat owners. “

– Jeremy Brown
Efficient Service

” Thank you for your fast & efficient service over the years. “

– Kevin Hole
Super Helpful

” I recently went with Velos, speak to Kel, he’s super helpful “

– Sarah Sheridan
Competitive Service

” Velos has provided me with an excellent competitive service over the years. If I buy another boat I will have no hesitation in requesting a quote from Velos again. “

– David Willing

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