Countdown to Southampton Boat Show: Broom 430
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Countdown to Southampton Boat Show: Broom 430

Motorboat & Yachting: After dismissing the London show to launch the 430 at Düsseldorf, Broom comes to Southampton this year with the 430 making its major UK debut.

The Broom bread and butter is there – aft cabin, semi-displacement hull and raised helm position – but the interior has had a sprinkle of modern magic from ex-Fairline man Graham Warren.

Out is the cream leather and glossy cherry wood and in comes cool, dark timber, muted cloth upholstery, harder angles and splashes of lime green about the place. It is, quite simply, a lovely place to spend time.

The unique layout of this aft cabin cruiser still works brilliantly and offers so much more living space than the equivalent regular flybridge. How many boats this size can offer two ensuite cabins with so much privacy?

The raised helm position is so well protected that you don’t even consider the lack of a lower helm and the U-shaped cockpit seating is comfortable and sociable.

To see more of the Broom 430, watch Dave Marsh’s video review below.

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