Do I Need Insurance on My Boat Trailer? (Is it Covered by Other Insurance?)
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Do I Need Insurance on My Boat Trailer? (Is it Covered by Other Insurance?)

Finding the right insurance coverage for any new boat can be a nightmare. It can all get confusing between marine surveys and repairs, too In the confusion of it all, many forget to insure their trailers!

If you have to tow your boat in a trailer, then it’s crucial to look carefully at your boat insurance policy.

  • Is your trailer actually covered by your boat’s insurance policy, your homeowner’s policy, or even your auto insurance?
  • Or, is your trailer completely uncovered, thus leaving you vulnerable to accident, physical damage and more?

Regardless, yes, you do need boat trailer insurance. Any manner of damages caused by your boat trailer could happen while towing your boat. Whether it be in a parking lot, at the port, or even on the road, you could easily cause, or be subject to, bodily injury or damages.

Don’t take your boat trailer anywhere until you’re covered.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Boat Trailers?

In many cases, boat insurance will cover damages to boat trailers, both in and out of water. 

However, this policy addition is not guaranteed. Some boat insurance companies will focus their policies solely on the boat itself and only when it is in water. 

Conversely, those that do consider the trailer as being an accessory to the boat and who will cover it may not even give you comprehensive coverage.

For example, your trailer may be covered in the case of damages, but there may not be any liability coverage.

So, if your trailer causes damage or injury, you could end up having to pay a fortune. 

So, how can you find out what your boat trailer is covered for, if anything? 

Get in touch with your boat insurance company, or be sure to read through the fine print in your policy.

It would also be wise to contact your car insurance company, as the trailer could fall under your auto cover.

It may even fall under homeowners insurance, though dedicated boat trailer coverage is most useful as part of a marine policy.

It is essential to check for any eventualities such as damages, injuries, and where they could happen (i.e. on land or in the water). If you’re using a trailer commercially,  it’s also crucial to consider your liability insurance and commercial boat insurance, too.

Should Boat Trailers Be Insured?

Boat trailer insurance rules may vary from territory to territory.

For example, no trailers have to be insured in the UK, so you are not obligated to have your boat trailer insured. 

That said, in the US, it’s worth making sure your boat trailer is protected.

What’s more. if you do get in an accident with your trailer that causes any damages or injuries, then you will be liable to cover the costs. That is why it is definitely wise to have your boat trailer insured – regardless of legal compulsion.

You could check with your car insurance company to see if your policy extends to your trailer. If not, then it would be wise to add a clause for it, just in case.

Will Insurance Cover Boat Falling Off Trailer?

Watching your boat fall off a trailer can be a nightmare scenario! Sadly, in some cases, it only takes one mistake for your boat to slip free and fall onto the road.

If your boat falls off a trailer while transporting, it will likely get damaged in the process.

Your boat insurance should cover any damages that happen to the boat – however, it is wise to check with your boat insurance company to ensure that your insurance policy caters to accidents that occur out-of-water.

But, what happens if you have injured someone, or caused damage to another’s property?

Do I Need Insurance on My Boat Trailer blog post

Your boat insurance company may cover you for damage caused by the boat itself – but if the trailer’s at fault, things can get complicated.

To avoid all doubt, check your auto insurance policy / car insurance policy – as well as your boat carrier – and if an insurance agent can’t give you much advice in this regard, it’s worth hunting down separate coverage.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Does Car Insurance Cover My Boat Trailer?

In some cases, car insurance does cover trailers – including boat trailers. They are considered to be accessories to the vehicle and therefore fall under your standard insurance policy. 

However, not all car insurance companies follow the same standards. It could be that your car is covered for accessories that do not include a trailer, for example – in which case, it’s time to add on separate trailer coverage with the provider, or to look elsewhere.

Always ensure that your trailer is covered, at least when it is on the road.

This is especially important as your boat insurance is not likely to cover your trailer once it has deposited your vessel and left the water.


Having to take out extra boat trailer coverage may seem like a pain, but it could be your saving grace at any point. 

On the bright side, you could have coverage for your boat trailer already under your homeowners’ policy, boat insurance policy, or car insurance policy. 

If you’ve not already pored through your fine print, you may find your insurance covers you for a lot more than you expect!

If not, then it’s time to get in touch with an insurance representative to get your limited coverage extended.

Most people assume that they will never need it, but whether it is for roadside assistance, if a tree falls on your trailer, or your boat falls off or hurts someone, you must be able to protect yourself – and to cover physical damage financially.

Unfortunately, none of us are truly psychic in this regard!

Regardless of where you tow or take your boat, always protect your interests – and your assets – with appropriate insurance.

Paying for damages caused or for physical harm can be seriously costly – and for just a small amount of money each month, you have a safety net in place.

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