MDL announces £250,000 investment in marina WiFi
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MDL announces £250,000 investment in marina WiFi

Motorboat & Yachting: Marina WiFi at all 19 MDL sites has been given a boost after the company invested £250,000 on upgrading its service.

The marina chain MDL Marinas has announced that it has spent £250,000 upgrading its marina WiFi service and to handle video streaming, Skype calls and  large file downloads.

The marina WiFi is described as a “high-speed, low latency connection”, compatible with all WiFi enabled mobile devices.

Head of marketing at MDL Marinas, Adrien Burnand says: “Whether for business or pleasure, in this day and age most of us demand and expect excellent internet access wherever we may be.”

The firm has already received positive feedback from bertholders, saying that the marina WiFi is “exceptionally fast”.

Marina WiFi is free to members of MDL Freedom Berthing scheme across all company sites in Britain.

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