Motor Boat & Yachting drives the Dominator 640
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Motor Boat & Yachting drives the Dominator 640

Dominator 640 offers superyacht luxury for sixty-five-foot prices and is an interesting beast. The boats are designed in Lichtenstein, built in Italy and company HQ is in Austria.


The philosophy is not to go toe-to-toe with might of Europe’s production builders but instead to offer tailor-made boats, engineered and finished to the highest standards. Dominator wants to bring its expertise in building larger yachts down to this new 640, the smallest in the range.

She’s a good looking boat, not the most outlandish but well-proportioned and handsome, with enough sparkle like the slashing hull windows and a red hull stripe to catch the eye and keep things interesting.

Incidentally, I have been on few boats with as many deck lights as the 640, it looks sensational in the dark. See the picture of the LED downlighting on the flybridge below.

Inside there is a tangible feeling of quality everywhere you look and touch. The use of materials is exceptional; there’s leather, suede, marble and a particularly lovely stained Brazlillain wood called Caballho. Just look at the finish in the master bathroom. The level of attention to detail is absolutely through the roof, it’s little wonder each 640 takes around nine months to build.

On the water, progress is smooth and refined yet the MAN 1,200hp V8s provide titanic performance and heave the boat along on great swathes of torque. It should prove to be a cosseting mile muncher. It may not be a mainstream choice but the Dominator is a beautifully made, compelling option.

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