Poole inshore lifeboat launched to stricken yacht
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Poole inshore lifeboat launched to stricken yacht

Practical Boat Owner:  Rain, hail, sleet and sunshine, lifeboats launch in all-weathers and Poole Inshore Lifeboat experienced all of it yesterday.


Poole Inshore lifeboat was tasked just before 3pm to a 31ft yacht with a fouled prop in Studland Bay. The stricken vessel had two people on board.

The inshore lifeboat left the station in brilliant sunshine, they soon arrived on scene, where a crewman worked on freeing the rope that was around the propeller, which he managed to do, as the clouds above became more foreboding.

The lifeboat crew asked the yacht skipper to check the gears to see if the vessel could move forwards or engage the gears, it appeared to not respond, so a tow rope was attached.

As the lifeboat crew began to head back into Poole Harbour with the vessel under tow a squally winter shower blew up, they headed back through the entrance to the harbour, with lightening flashing across the heavy sky, buffeted by driving sleet, gusting off the water, it was a lively tow back to the yacht’s mooring just off Salterns Marina.

Once the vessel was safely moored, the crew returned back to station about 5pm.

For one crew member, Rachael Bentley, it will be a call out to remember as it was her first ‘shout’.  Rachel has completed her basic training and had gone out, on what had seemed to be a relatively straight forward job, but the elements had other ideas, with icy blast, biting North Westerly winds, sleety squalls, not quite April showers but a memorable first job for the new recruit.

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