Yachting World: Sail of the century
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Yachting World: Sail of the century

Record for regatta: More than 100,000 spectators lined the beaches and 1000’s of small craft joined the Tall Ships flotilla making this year’s Parade of Sail the success of the century. Falmouth Harbour Master Mark Sansom confirmed this was the biggest regatta the town has ever seen.


Tall Ships Chairman John Hick , added ‘there were more boats and people on the water than seen in living memory. When the 44 magnificent giants took to the water, alongside a panorama of supporting vessels, it was an emotional moment for us all.’

Over 70,000 people visited Falmouth dock to board the ships. While town manager Richard Gates confirmed they had welcomed over 230,000 visitors over the four day spectacle.

Peter Fraser, who owns the Harbour Lights fish and chip shop said trade has doubled and added ‘This has outnumbered the Red Arrows display. We’ve gone through two tonnes of potatoes a day. Ridiculous, but brilliant’.

On the water it was the spider man antics from the crew of the Polish tall ship, Dar Mlodziety that had 1000’s gasping. They climbed over the massive bowsprit and moved along the yardarms at over 200ft above the water as they prepared for the main race.

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