Yachtsmen rescued seven times in seven months
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Yachtsmen rescued seven times in seven months

Yachting Boating World: Two septuagenarian yachtsmen have required assistance of lifeboat crews seven times on their trip from Scandinavia to North America since July. The yachtsmen were recently picked up off the Cornish coast.

The yachtsmen from North America have called rescue teams in Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and twice now in Cornwall. On Tuesday 19 January, the Falmouth Coastguard sent St Ives Lifeboat team out to tow their sailboat, Nora, back to marina.

The yachtsmen, Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro, both 71 years, told the BBC their rescues have had nothing to do with their seamanship abilities, but saying they have just had bad luck.

According to the St Ives Lifeboat team, Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro called for help when their sailboat lost propulsion and was drifting 1.5 miles north of Corwall’s southwestern tip.

Their sailboat Nora had a broken propeller shaft and a faulty battery, and was moored in a safe spot outside the marina for repairs.

A spokeswoman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed they had responded on two occasions over three days to assist the crew of the Nora.

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